Dreaming of the beach

It’s been a while since I posted toddler conversations with Una-bebe here. It seems like I’ve been putting most of it in my FB status, so here goes…

Anyway, I was in the mood to clean the room, a.k.a. Una made a huge mess and I was forced to clean it up. While I was cleaning she saw her beach toys and she was so excited to see them. She loves going to the beach, sadly we live far from it.

beach toys

Una: I want to go to the beach, beach, beach, beach forever!
Me: You want to go to the beach now? But it’s nighttime, we won’t see the beach because it’s dark.
Una: No, use ilaw there.  (then she pointed at my cellphone)

The wise daughter obviously remembered those few times I used my mobile phone’s flashlight app to see in the dark.

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22 Responses to Dreaming of the beach

  1. i wanna go to the beach too just to make sand arts hehe used to play with these toys when i was a kid too.. :)

  2. Marie says:

    lol… the kids of this new generation talaga are so smart na…hehe

  3. Jellybelly says:

    Funny how kids want to immediately do anything that pops in their head. My daughter has also asked to go to the beach at odd hours, or go biking, whatever she sees on TV.

  4. Marnie Byod says:

    Kids are really love to go in the beach and they love to play as well. Your daughter is very smart and fun-loving.

  5. January says:

    tama mommy pwede naman to “use ilaw” hehe

  6. haha! i remember some FB posts about babies who treats magazines like ipads tuloy… :D naku kids these days, iba na nga ang pagkakacode sa kanila… but its fun to hear them talk smart.. :D

  7. aby says:

    your daughter is so conyo ah! haha Cute!

    • Gene says:

      Hahaha, how I wish I could change that. We speak mostly Tagalog at home but some words are much better to teach in English. She sounds like a robot when she talks in Tagalog.

  8. Mommy Maye says:

    We also bought our son beach toys for the our summer outing but unfortunately we didn’t go so his toys are still brand new. Hehe. The last time we went to beach, I think he was just 11 months. He was really afraid of the waves and the sound it produced so he didn’t enjoy that much. Hopefully, we’ll go to beach again and maybe he’ll enjoying shoveling the sand now.

    Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com/)

    • Gene says:

      Una was afraid of the beach at first. She’d rather play with her toys. She allowed us to drag her up to her knees then she would run back to the sand.

  9. Mom Michelle says:

    Smart kid! It’s really true that what we, adults do, the kids follow. So if we talk or act smart then that’s what our kids copy from us also. :-)

  10. reese says:

    oo nga naman, use the flashlight of your cp haha! your una is a bright kiddo

  11. arcee says:

    cute! just love Rem, beach always bring good memories. btw, i missed you at the MOA’s event…sana sumama ka.

  12. kat says:

    smart kid. being in the beach is fun indeed.

  13. kath says:

    she’s so adorable! :) i’m missing the beach too :)

  14. verna says:

    That’s so cute!
    She’s so cute!
    Beach, beach, beach forever! :)

  15. ladymoxie says:

    Awwww she must really love the beach if she’s willing to go there in the dark with only a flashlight.

  16. Khim says:

    Kids.. :) They tend to be annoying but you just find them cute. :D

  17. Kids are really observant and clever.

  18. Jen says:

    Love, love conversations with kids. Your child is smart!

  19. Kristen says:

    i always enjoy these kind of conversations with little ones! just like your Una, my little girl also loves the beach! not the waters though but to play with the sand!

  20. jared's mum says:

    the flashlight on my tita’s phone is one of the things i’d love to play with! ;)

    i would love to visit the beach soon, we were not able to visit one last summer….sorry for the super late k.i.d. visit, i hope you join us again real soon!

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