Confessions of a Quitter

Smoking has bad consequences for your own health, as well as that of those around you, as I’ve found out for myself recently. When I first started, I thought it was cool to smoke, but being young and naïve, I didn’t know better. I started because my peers persuaded me to, and, despite knowing in the back of my mind that it was bad, I didn’t go with that thought.

Personally, I think that cigarettes should be heavily taxed to help deter people from buying them. When I first started, it was easy for me to buy them, as they were cheap, even for someone who sticks to a limited student budget. For years, I smoked secretly, hiding it from my father as I was afraid of the way he would react if he found out. Although I managed to hide my nasty habit, the damage I was doing to my body was confirmed when I was diagnosed with a lung disease. Receiving that diagnosis was a real wake-up call. As a result, I was forced to quit smoking and had to take tests and medication to help get better over the course of several months. As a result of daily visits to the hospital, my lifestyle changed beyond all recognition.

However, I quickly became used to daily injections, which has made coping with needle pain much easier, plus I got on well with all the doctors and nurses who helped me. Now, I can say with pride that I’m a quitter, and I’m sure that my parents will be proud of my achievement. If you don’t want to go through the pain I did, you should quit smoking now. It might seem tough, especially if you learn the hard way like I did, but smoking withdrawals are much easier to cope with than having daily injections.

e cigarette

To help ease those withdrawals, you could use an electronic cigarette from e cigarette direct, as they simulate the pleasure of smoking with hardly any of the associated health hazards. I’ve heard from some people that it’s even better to ‘smoke’ one than it is with a real cigarette, although I’ve never tried one. While it does contain nicotine, it’s almost completely harmless. If you need help, an electronic cigarette could be just the aid you need to start quitting.

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12 Responses to Confessions of a Quitter

  1. Yannie says:

    I know how hard to quit smoking. My father is a smoker and we’ve been convincing him to stop. unfortunately it’s hard to convince him. He said he is too old to quit. (sigh)

    • Gene says:

      It’s been in their system for years that’s why it’s hard for them to quit. I personally wouldn’t have if I didn’t become sick.

  2. Shane R. says:

    I used an e-cigarette to help me quit smoking. You can even get the liquid to refill them without nicotine. It tastes like tobacco but doesn’t have the nicotine. I smoked my e-cig for about 3 months and then got tired of having to recharge and refill it all the time, but by then I didn’t want regular cigarettes anymore. Haven’t had a regular cigarette 10 months.

  3. Farida says:

    I was a witness to my Father’s transformation from being an addict (he smokes 2-packs a day) to a sober being. He stopped his nicotine dependence abruptly and to date, he abhors it :D

  4. my tatay was also a smoker. he quit when my little brother was born. my husband used to smoke too, he quit when i said yes to his marriage proposal. :)

    • Gene says:

      The men in your life cared more about you and your brother than their health. Regardless, it’s good that they still decided to quit.

  5. Kristen says:

    Congratulations for being able to stop! Some people, even if they’re already terminally ill, are still smoking. It is hard to quit. I saw my father smoke everyday like there’s not tomorrow! Good thing he quit cold turkey and has never been better!

    • Gene says:

      Thank you. I really wanted to get better. It’s hard to help people who doesn’t want to help themselves. Not to mention my medication was way more expensive than all the smokes I bought and inhaled.

  6. Daddy Allan says:

    I know that it is hard to quit smoking once you got this as one of your vices. I am not a smoker but I will admit, I tried more than thrice but it was never been successful.
    With experiences of some of close persons, I was really afraid to have the same faith.
    Good for you that you really learned your lesson and quit smoking.

  7. Kudos to you! I admire people who have the courage and discipline to quit.. I think it takes a lot to be able to really recover..

  8. peachkins says:

    I’ve tried to persuade my husband to stop smoking. he said he will but it will have to be slowly. I guess I should suggest that he should try using e-cigarettes for starters.

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