Christmas at SM Marikina

Christmas in SM supermalls has always been family oriented and super fun. I still remember having our photo taken in SM Megamall’s Christmas display last year. Una loved looking at the twinkling Christmas lights.

Christmas at SM Marikina | corbitoness

This year we continued our Christmas tradition and had our photo taken in SM Marikina Christmas display. I’m sure SM Megamall is too crowded at this time of the year. It would have been great if it’s the three of us in the photo but we didn’t bring our camera tripod so DK and I had our photo taken with our little celebrity separately. Una kept on saying “Wow!” as soon as she saw the display.

Christmas at SM Marikina (2)

Other malls and establishments also have Christmas displays like this.

I’ll be posting some of those Christmas activities in the coming days so watch out for this space.

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8 Responses to Christmas at SM Marikina

  1. May says:

    We have the same couch here at SM Bacolod too. :D The fam is doing the rounds at other malls too, lots of greak gimiks and displays that add to the festive mood of Christmas everywhere. Happy holidays… at least happy eye candy huh? Yay for Colorful Weekend!

  2. Ane says:

    I think the couch is uniform in all SM malls cause we have that here too! :P hehe

    I want a couch like that for my home, but maybe in dark green or dark blue.. :P

    At least kayo madaming choices sa mall, kami SM lang! waaaah! :P

  3. Gengen says:

    Pretty one. Visiting from colorful weekend.

  4. rachelle says:

    wow! pretty set-up indeed! Sayang, I didn’t get to visit SM malls when I went back home.

  5. Conversion Doctor says:

    I would love to sit on the couch too along with the whole family. I like their decorations honestly. So simple yet elegant-looking. Nice couch in red.

  6. Leah H. says:

    Beautiful Christmas decoration..

    Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..

  7. Jennie says:

    We haven’t visited SM Marikina in a long while ever since SM Masinag opened. We should go check it out sometime. :)

    • Gene says:

      Hi Jen! We went to SM Masinag last week, I think it’s much better than SM Marikina. I haven’t been to SM Marikina again this month so I’m not sure about their Christmas display, but the Santa Claus display in SM Masinag looks really nice.

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