Busy bees

It’s a busy week in the house of Corbitoness. The husband is busy with upgrading the family’s computer shop and is changing most of the parts in all 14 personal computers. You cannot imagine how tedious that is. So no leisure time in the long weekend for this family. Such a shame really. But the good thing is the computers will be working much better compared to the other internet cafe in the area.

Earlier today, I get to test drive the main server and I was so shocked at how fast it has become. No more hassle in photo editing, scanning and printing. I was even inspired to edit some photos from my nephew’s Christening. I am yet to finish all of the photos but I am thinking testing the new printer for a booklet printing. I wanted to see if the outcome is as high quality as the professionally made prints as mentioned in the printer’s manual. Of course, I also have to consider the kind of paper to achieve a glossy look. I prefer a glossy finish when it comes to printing photographs and colorful printouts.

Then perhaps I can move and try it on bigger projects, like photo books and recipe books. Oh, the possibilities! I can only imagine what other items I could print with the new printer. Calendars, greeting cards and postcards comes to mind. I should start researching it now. But if all things fail, I’m considering using one of those printing companies that offers shipping the next day. They are fast, reliable and the prints are usually at best quality.

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2 Responses to Busy bees

  1. Mirage says:

    Great idea! I only get my prints online so sometimes I can’t control how the outcome would be…it’s great if you can print stuff at home..

  2. Ane says:

    I have been thinking of printing out post cards too and send them out to Mommies who have sent me post cards too.. :P But alas, our printer is dried out and has been for a really long time, I should buy some ink soon.. :P Oh and glossy paper too, I like photos or post cards with a glossy finish too.. :P

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