Basic Tips on Training a Dog

When it comes to providing companionship, dogs are second to none. Whether a person is going for an afternoon jog or just relaxing on the couch, a dog will be there to keep them company. Although dogs make great pets, they still need to be properly trained. Here are some basic tips on training a dog.

dog training

One person should do the training
When more than one person attempts to train a dog, the dog may become confused. If other family members want to be included in the training process, allow them to become involved in the latter stages.

Have patience
Even the most obedient dog will have a few bad days. Allowing your dog recreational time will help to keep it in a chipper mood.

Electronic dog collar
In the early stages of training, an electronic dog collar may prove to be a very effective device. Not only will it enhance the dog’s behavior, but electronic dog collars also help to keep the pet safe.

Use commands often
Dog training involves a lot of repetitive phrases. The best approach is to use a new command on a daily basis. This will help to ingrain the commands in the dog’s mind. If possible, try to teach the puppy one command at a time.

Use treats
Dogs love treats. If the puppy does something correctly, do not hesitate to give it a treat. This will definitely speed up the process of training the dog.

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3 Responses to Basic Tips on Training a Dog

  1. we love dogs. i had one before i had children, now, we have one again and i am glad that my kids love dogs as much as i do! :)

    • Gene says:

      Dogs will forever be the best pets for me. They are so sweet and easy to deal with. Cats can be moody at times hehe.

  2. alexiq says:

    I think, I fail to have an huge patient when trying to teach our dog a tricks.. ahhaha but definitely love dogs not just for being pet but also as companion friends. :)

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