Baby Company Mom Card

Baby Company Mom Card is a loyalty program where you can earn points for every purchase in SM Department Store and Baby Company stores. This loyalty program is very similar to SM Advantage Card but with the Mom Card, you can only redeem Baby Company items. The good thing about this card is when you purchase items from Baby Company and use the Mom Card to earn points, you’ll receive 4 points for every P200 unlike SM Advantage Card that you’ll only receive a point for every P250 (and even lower for grocery items).

Baby Company Mom Card

Who can apply?

Practically anyone who always buy things for babies and will be buying Baby Company items worth P500 on the day of registration.

How to apply?

Once you’re done with your shopping  in Baby Company, approach one of their personnel and inquire about the Mom Card. This way, you will earn points with the items you’re about to pay.

I’m not really sure how they go about releasing the coupons now. When I registered for my Mom Card, it was before the launch date (January 15, 2011) and I have to go back to the mall where I registered to claim my coupons. Frankly I was disappointed when I received it. I was expecting a booklet of coupons similar to what is included in SMAC welcome kit. All I received were a bunch of stapled square papers that looked like fliers in glossy paper. Upon closer look I realized they are actually fliers. Not something you have to present to to their partner establisments to receive freebies and stuff. I cannot believe I wasted time and money just for those papers. I am not appeased.

If you received your Mom Card coupons differently, let me know and I’ll update my information here.

As of the now, I haven’t tried redeeming any items using Mom Card. An accumulation of at least 50 points (or P2500 worth of Baby Company items) is required before you can use the points to redeem.

Personal grudge aside, I would still suggest you take advantage of the Mom Card loyalty program from Baby Company especially if you always shop in their stores. Soon to be parents (especially first time parents) would benefit the most with this program since you have to buy everything for your baby. Unless your Mom still have your crib when you were a baby then I suggest you refurbish it and use it for your offspring.

Did you register to get the Baby Company Mom Card? What are the benefits you received so far?

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