Baby Bruha Shirt

I love statement shirts, especially cute and affordable ones. There are a lot of cute shirts out there but not as affordable as the new store we discovered during one of our trips to Market! Market!. Offspring’s is wearing a size 3 shirt from LalaughKa and only cost P250. They have lots of cute shirts both for adults and kids but we wanted to try the quality of the shirts first before ordering for more. And they didn’t disappoint that’s why we’re planning on buying more on our next trip to the mall.
baby bruha
Another thing I love in their collection is the availability of statement shirts for the whole family. I have my eye on the Mommy Bruha shirt for myself and Tita Sexy loves me shirt for my niece (hehehe!) There are also shirts for Tito Macho and Love shirts for the grandparents. If you’re on a budget and have lots of pamangkins in the family I think the Tito/Tita shirts are great Christmas gifts.
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3 Responses to Baby Bruha Shirt

  1. lalaughka Inc. says:

    Hi We are glad that you like our shirts!

    Laugh Long and Loud!

  2. andre says:

    hello. Are your statement shirts, especially the baby and mommy or lola bruha shirts available? Thanks

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