Advantages of Smartphones in Modern Families

A smartphone seems to be one of the most innovative gadget of the century. With it’s increasing demand in the gadget market, people are more inclined to buy a smartphone than buy a personal computer. Not only are smartphones cheaper but it’s also convenient because they are not just mobile phones but it can easily connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G thus taking advantage of applications made available to smartphones to easily communicate online. There are also apps that you can use to call and send text messages for free. This alone can help you save on your cell phone bills.

advantages of smartphones iphone

Of course, smartphones are not just limited as a means of communication, though it is still its primary use. With a smartphone, you can easily reply to emails, connect to social networks and of course, access the world wide web. With the right applications (both paid and free), you can even work on your files and help you with your productivity.

With the ease of communication brought by smartphones’ technology, it’s easier for everyone – parents in particular – to work outside of the traditional office environment. More companies are now offering jobs that could allow their employees to work from home, making parents less stress in managing their careers and home at the same time.

There are many advantages of smartphones and like any other technology out there, some disadvantages too. *cough*games*cough* But with the right discipline, one can easily deflect those disadvantages. As the old saying goes:

A computer smartphone is only as smart as its user.

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22 Responses to Advantages of Smartphones in Modern Families

  1. Joy H says:

    I agree, now with iPhones both of my husband saved on our monthly text messaging plan. I don’t think we need it now.

    • Gene says:

      I’m glad to hear this. I was planning to downgrade my plan to solely data plan on my next contract. I don’t think I don’t need the additional consumable call and text in my phone plan.

  2. April says:

    it is really great that you can text your family overseas without paying too much on your phone bills. apps are God sent.:)

    • Gene says:

      So much truth in this comment. :D I have siblings abroad and we’re making full use of free call and text with my unlimited data plan.

  3. Adin B says:

    I must admit we don’t have our smartphones and not even the cheapest cellphone, but I know there are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages in having one. Technology is wonderful when it is at its best.

  4. jheylo says:

    well, not all smartphones cheaper :D iPhones alone you have to pay at least $600 @ _@ that’s a lot of money hehehehe well unless the person has all kinds of money then it’s cheaper for them. anyway these are convenient though

    • Gene says:

      It is cheaper if it’s free in your phone plan because you’ll be making use of the data plan so much more than the additional phone bills. Though I do not advise getting a smartphone, iPhone to be specific if you’re the only one in your peers who has it because you won’t be able to take advantage of free call and text via 3G/Wi-Fi.

  5. Gven-Rose says:

    been wanting to own a smart phone, but I guess this will remain a dream cos my budget wont permit me..hehehehe

  6. Mel Cole says:

    I always wanted a smartphone but I don’t want to spend a lot on data plans though. At the moment, I am contented playing music and games on my mp3 player.

  7. Bless says:

    I guess right now in this technology age, smartphones are as important as having internet especially if you have business or what not and basically as means of communication more importantly.

  8. Dhemz says:

    I completely agree! technology has really come a long way…smartphones are convenient and innovative.

  9. I think smartphones are awesome, I love mine.

  10. Shydub says:

    Most people these days young and adult alike are updated with the latest gadget specially this smartphone.

  11. Makoy says:

    in my opinion, advantages way better than the disadvantages. parents just have to remind their kids how to use it properly.

  12. Claire says:

    Smartphones has its own ups and downs and we should only choose the one that we need for and not the one that are there for popularity and very expensive.

    • Gene says:

      I agree but I think the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages. Though some people, especially the young ones, buy smartphones so then can get connected to their social networks as part of their social lives and not for work reasons.

  13. I really want to have a cell phone like this where I can use the internet with me :-) This is in my wish dream and hope it will come true :-)

  14. I agree that some would prefer buying smartphones than computers. It’s maybe because it’s handy which can be used anywhere as long as there’s a Wi-Fi available in the area.

  15. Shela says:

    Smartphones helps both me and my husband big time. We can manage our online thingy right to our phones unlike before!

  16. Vicki Hale says:

    Hello, pretty much everyone in my family, from grandkids to my 74 yr. old Mom, had a smartphone, but I didn’t. I really felt left out of the loop! So anyway, after a yardsale and getting rid of my storage building rent, I have now bought a Samsung s4, and I am in awe of it lol I know it can do more than I will ever learn! Vicki

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