A Day with Pedring

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who messaged me and wish our family well during Typhoon Pedring yesterday. The flood didn’t reach our home but the fear of losing everything we have just like what happened in Ondoy two years ago was still there hanging in our heads. Thank you Pinay Mommies Community for the prayers and well wishes in our PMC Facebook Group. Also special thanks to Fe of I am Fe for sms-ing me yesterday to check up on me and my family and Olga of Tottering Mama for offering her home in case we will need a place to stay.

Living near the river has its pros and cons. Pros: Easy access to the park along the riverbank and to experience semi-fresh air in the Metro. Cons: Risk of high floods during typhoons.

Sad to say, our family experienced the unexpected high flood during Ondoy. Our home was located on a higher ground, about 2nd floor level compared to our street. But that didn’t stop the flood from reaching our home two years ago during Ondoy.

This year, another typhoon brought fear to our little homes again. Typhoon Pedring arrived with strong winds and continuous heavy rain making the water level of the Marikina River reach its critical level early in the morning of September 27th.

Marikina River along C5Taken from the car along C5 by DK

By afternoon, some residents living near the river in other parts of Marikina were forced to evacuate.

Marikina River along C5

The water also reached the lowest part of our street, the first floor in our neighbors home were flooded by then.

flooded neighborhood

Marikina and Rusty Lopez Fire and Rescue team visited our area to check up on us. See Eastwood City in the background? It is just across the Marikina River.

Marikina and Rusty Lopez fire and rescue team

By late afternoon, all our bags are packed and ready to go. Yes I was singing Living on a Jet Plane on my head while we were packing our things in the car. Hahaha!

Marikina River in the afternoon

The flood in the neighbors place reached their second floors. It also reached our street.

flood in our streetView from our gate

The flood reached C5. Together with the other residents, our car and in-law’s van are now parked in this highway.

flood in C5

The flood is nearing our gate now and was colored brown. It means water from the river has reached our place now.

flood in our street

The rain stopped for a while. It was too hot inside the car and FIL said we should say in the house first and listen to the news. The electricity is still on and there is still wifi connection.

Thank God the water in the street subsided and we decided to move our vehicles back in our street. It was still a long night for me. There is still heavy rain from time to time. And I wanted to make sure that flood water won’t be back in the middle of the night. When MIL woke up around 5am, I finally succumb to sleep.

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2 Responses to A Day with Pedring

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  2. Ane says:

    I am glad that the flood didn’t reach your home this time Gene!

    As for us, landslides are our biggest fear but thank God no landslides near us happened..

    Glad you are safe!

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