3 Great iPhone Games for Kids

With smartphones continuing to gain popularity, an increasing number of parents are recognising the potential benefits of fun applications for their kids. The entertainment and educational potential of apps is truly astounding, and kids really engage with the fun and interactive ways in which they are presented. Here are 3 great iPhone games that kids simply love.

Toki Tori

toki tori iphone games for kids

This engaging and educational game is based around a range of fun puzzles designed to improve your kid’s problem solving skills. Like a virtual puzzle book, it has 80 levels with a progressive increase in the challenge of each one. The premise of the game is to use a range of interesting objects to solve puzzles to advance to the next level. The graphics are great, and the tools your kids get to play with are both vibrant and interesting.

Angry Birds

angry birds iphone games for kids

This has already become a classic amongst iPhone games. The cute graphics and undeniably addictive gameplay make this one of the most popular games of all time. So much so, there has been an Angry Birds board game released, in addition to clothing and accessories all inspired by the game.

Kids as young as 3 as well as their older siblings and parents are bound to get hooked on the challenging yet fun levels set in a range of beautifully designed settings. Younger kids will love the game for the cute graphics and fun sounds, while older kids will get caught up in the intricacies of executing the perfect bird-strike to bring down the pigs. Angry Birds is a great game for all ages.

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja iphone apps for kids

This artistically designed app provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. The idea of the game is simple: pieces of fruit are tossed from the bottom of the screen, and you have to swipe across with your finger to slice them open before they fall down again. The trick is to avoid the bombs and aim to get as many fruit in one slice to gain bonuses.

Pop it into Zen mode to allow the younger kids hours of entertainment with no bombs and no penalty for letting the fruit fall. With a satisfying squelch as you slice, juicy graphics and stunning colours, this simple game is bound to become a family favourite. Who knew slicing up fruit could be so much fun!

There are many benefits of letting your kids play great games on your iPhone but there’s also something important you will need to be aware of. Unfortunately accidents do happen, so think about investing in a quality iPhone case to protect it in case it gets dropped or knocked while the kids are playing. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!

Whether you’re inspired by the desire for a few minutes of peace and quiet, or maybe focusing on the educational benefits of games, these are just a few of the fun and stimulating iPhone games that you can download for your kids.

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16 Responses to 3 Great iPhone Games for Kids

  1. Junalin says:

    My little cousins are so addictive with the Angry Bird games. Before we got it on the phone, I introduced it to them on the computer and they so much love it and they’re more expert than me in hitting the pigs.

  2. Joy H says:

    My son loves Angry Birds, he actually have nintendo 3Ds and we bought angry birds for it but still he loves playing the game on Iphone. However, I never tried the fruit ninja yet, will check it out and see if my son would love it too. Thanks for sharing more games!

    • Gene says:

      We have a DS lite but we tried to make a variety of games. Most of the games in the DS are Cooking Mama games, Strawberry Shortcake, Dora’s and Diego’s games.

  3. Dhemz says:

    how cool! I never know about the other two…the only kids game on my iPhone is angry birds…lol!

  4. Adin B says:

    My little boy is addicted to playing with the Angry Birds on the iPad.. oh dear! Haven’t tried the two games yet, but I want to look it up and see if it is available. :)

  5. I don’t have an iPhone nor planning of getting one lol. I honestly don’t let my kids play games, well, I do once in a while in my computer but very limited.

  6. jheylo says:

    thanks for sharing, kids play angry bird sometimes but they would rather play something else than that. educational games would be good for them :D

  7. Bless says:

    Of all three games angry birds is what I am familiar with. My kids play those too :-)

  8. Makoy says:

    I used to play Fruit Ninja and sometimes Angry Birds. I’m now addicted to Candy Crush lol.

  9. Claire says:

    My niece and nephew plays fruit ninja too and they love it!

  10. mommy peach says:

    We already have Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja! Will download Toki Tori

  11. i have no idea about different apps since i don’t have an iphone and might not have in the near future . LOL but everybody is going raves about this games.

  12. Gven-Rose says:

    honestly, I haven’t tried playing any of those games. :-( shame on me..hehehe

  13. We do not have iPhone but just iPad and the kids loves their games that they downloaded especially the crossword puzzles :-)

  14. Thanks so much for these fun suggestions!

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