28 on the 28th

March 28, 2011 marks the day of my 28th year living as a human being (yes, I was trying to be funny there.) I may sound and look calm to you but deep inside, I was panicking. I try to live a fun life but on times like this where there is an occurrence that may sound simple to others but deeply affects the person involved, I tend to be dramatic. This is the time where I evaluate myself and over think on things I have no control.

Last month, I turned a year older and somehow feel not enough. This is not the me I envisioned when I was younger. And I can all blame it to myself for not fulfilling my dreams when I had all the free time. But despite all that drama, I have a loving husband and wonderful daughter who keeps me grounded and prevented me from burying myself into the depths of depression. They reminded me of what is important and it made me appreciate my life more.

On the day of birthday, we celebrated it as a family. We ordered pizza and DK bought me cake. Nothing fancy, no pretensions. Just us family eating our comfort food and enjoying each other’s company. The next day was a day off for me. DK and I went on a date.

Kind of ironic don’t you think? I turned a year older but I embraced my inner child. We went to Enchanted Kingdom and acted like BF/GF. Weird thing with the EK staff, on the ticket booth, the Sales person asked for my student ID. The thought made me giddy! Hahaha!

DK pretending to be scared, me: kunwari pa-cute

Of course, we didn’t forget our Offspring. We bought her gifts from the souvenir shop and she loved it! Can’t wait for Una to be big enough to enjoy the rides in Enchanted Kingdom.

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14 Responses to 28 on the 28th

  1. shydub says:

    visiting here through TBE

  2. Fe says:

    talagang sinulit niyo ang pagpunta ng EK ha =)
    haven’t been in EK for years khit kapitbahay lang kami…hanggang dito lng kami sa labas…lol…
    good to know u had fun on your special day with your special ‘date’ …heheh
    visiting from PMC and TBE…

  3. Jadeingua says:

    Hi sis! Belated HB!

    Visiting from TBE!
    Have a blessed day!


  4. Bambs ♥ says:

    OMG i actually thought you’re younger, like 23-24.. One year lang tanda ko sa yo but I know what you mean.. medyo panic mode na nga ako eh, kasi ill be turning 29 na nyan.. Now i understand bakit ayaw magbirthday nung mga nasa 30’s na lol. But anyway, i had so many big dreams too na hindi ko nagawa and yet im thankful na rin for what i have become right now. Pero syempre if given a chane to fulfill our dreams why not diba.. you know normal lang yung maisip natin mga gusto nain gawin na di natin nagawa but what what really matters most is we’re happy

    • Gene says:

      Hihi, mukha bang bata? I think more on isip bata, hahaha!

      I don’t regret my choices especially with the man I married and my makulit na daughter. Hopefully ma-fulfill ko pa rin ang dreams ko in the near future but this time with my family beside me. :)

  5. Hi sis,

    Nice to meet a sweet young mom….naalala ko tuloy ang aking kapanahunan… hehehe.

    I stop counting my years when i reached 30, now I am turning 39 this July but I still feel young at heart hhhehehehe…

    Works for me, might also works for you :)

    BTW, been here from TBE

  6. arcee says:

    belated happy 28th birthday, sis! you just made me feel old:)))

    visiting & following u now via TBE…see u around!

  7. Pepper says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Hey, I’m 35 but I still feel I haven’t achieved anything in life :). I guess, you and I have something in common: we can say that our kids are our greatest achievement in life.

    Belated happy birthday to you :)

  8. OurVillageisaLittleDifferent says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I think you look about 21! I’ll be 45 next month, don’t worry about getting older, you’re only going to get better. I’m stopping by with the April Blogger’s Exchange, and now I’m a follower. I hope you’ll follow back.

  9. Renz says:

    Hello there, visiting through TBE :)

    Belated Happy Birthday !

  10. belated happy birthday. 28 ka na pala. para ka lang 21=)

  11. AC says:

    Happy Birthday Sis! Hey, don’t be too harsh on yourself. We all experience that stage of regrets sometimes, but as you said, they are out of our control. But then, nothing’s too late so you still have the chance to fulfill the you envisioned… just take it easy… one step at a time. goodluck hun! =)

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  13. shengkay says:

    belated masyadong bday sis!..okay lang yan!..
    ako will be turning 30 na this year..pero feeling ko ganun pa rin..parang nasa college pa rin..to think I had a baby na..mind you i am still single ha..
    I really hope one day makapunta din ako ng EK! never in my whole life na naka-experience ako ng mga ganyan..makapag-bakasyon nga ng Manila..hehehe..EB tayo..hahaha..

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