Celebrations and getting older…

Busy, busy month in the Corbitoness household. So many celebrations happened this month: moving-up day for the little one *sniff sniff*, wedding day of a college friend and birthdays in the family.


First, let’s talk about how we had a blast in our friend’s wedding day. It was the coolest wedding celebration ever. They have a summer love festival theme going on and thanks to their wedding planner, it was a stress-free affair. We were told that we can even wear summer clothes and plimsolls, on a church wedding. How amazing is that? The reception is wonderful, great music, delicious food and a photo booth!

Next was Una’s moving up day. She finished her Nursery school with a Best in English medal. Yay! We are raising a bilingual child and it was not an easy task to be honest. We mostly spoke Filipino at home but we decided to introduce her first to English so she won’t have any difficulty understanding the workbooks in school. We live in a very westernised country, all of the official forms and most of the school workbooks are in English but the people usually speak in Filipino. So it’s easy for her to learn to speak the native language. We still have to translate some words for her and she is yet to read in Filipino but that will be tackled in her Kindergarten.

Lastly, hubby and I celebrated our birthdays this month. Yeah, I am 3 decades old and a year older. Noooo! When I put it that way, it feels like I had so much years way past me and I still have most of my life list unchecked. Boo! Am I running our of time? I don’t know. I’m the kind of person who likes to think with a glass half full, instead of empty. Positivity and old age, yeah, let’s talk about that.

ipad mini halo case

I started my day feeling down because I thought DK won’t be home for my birthday. But for the first time in forever (yes, I really did sing that song from Frozen), he finally managed to surprise me. He brought me breakfast in bed and cake plus a cool new gadget. He apologized because it’s not listed in the wishlist that I sent him (most of which are books, by the way) but he gave me an iPad mini. An iPad Mini! Who wouldn’t want that? Now, I have most of my apps transferred to the new gadget and my iPhone is now used just for communication purposes.

Things have calmed down now and hopefully, I’ll be able to upload all of my handwritten blog notes that I made throughout the past months. But I’ll save that for my next blog posts because we’re still having super slow internet connection due to “multiple cable cuts in its undersea international cable facilities”, according to the advisory sent to the public by our internet provider. Weirdly enough, my phone is subscribed to a different provider but my LTE connection also sucks.

So how is life treating you? I hope you’re all having a blast despite the dry, summer heat.

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I had the lamest birthday party ever…

Not everyone always had the best birthday parties. I am not much for celebrating birthdays because I know I’m not good at planning it. From a young age, most adolescents begin to think up ideas for their 21st birthday party; many a math’s class is spent daydreaming the details, from where its going to be, to how many people are going to be invited and who’s going to give a speech. The majority of my friends had fantastic 21st parties that went off without a hitch, I, on the other hand, was not so lucky. I didn’t have help from family, friends or Modern Party Hire, but decided to do the whole thing myself. That was mistake number one. I had the lamest birthday party ever, and you’re about to find out why.

happy birthday chalkboard

It all started will a grand vision, I was going to have a party that focused on fun, (and not much else). Firstly, I decided to not waste money on invitations, I would just create a Facebook event. This is a problem for several reasons, not everyone has Facebook (believe it or not) and details such as the theme were glossed over. Though I had plenty of ideas, they didn’t really tie in together or compliment each other. There would be a jumping castle, I decided, with a jelly-wrestling pit and the whole party would be 80’s themed; if I was going for a ‘random’ vibe, I was on the right track. Looking back, I couldn’t have planned a lamer party. It was in the middle of summer in north Queensland, so elaborate 80’s costumes were really not ideal for the heat; naturally, no one dressed up, other than myself.

If the lack of costumes during my themed party wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, It poured rain the whole afternoon and evening, meaning I had to cancel the jumping castle. My entertainment scheme was not entirely doomed however, as I still had the jelly wrestling. Yet as the rain continued to bucket down, no one was eager to roll around in the mud, in the middle of the rain, to wrestle in jelly.

Out of ideas, I encouraged guests to drink the punch and beer and enjoy the music. But my bad luck streak continued, as I had put my playlist on my iPhone through a speaker dock, messages kept coming through and messing up the ‘fat beats’ (well-wishes wanting to pass on ‘happy birthday’s). As my message tone continued to disrupt the music, a few friends commented that they couldn’t hear the music over the rain, as the speakers were rather small and in the corner (closest spot to a power point).

I had the lamest birthday party ever because I didn’t check the whether forecast, didn’t have contingency plan, hadn’t organized a better sound system and I didn’t let anyone help or contribute. If I were to do my time again, I’d look into a party planner or party hire company and I’d hire a band or DJ in an air-conditioned venue (because no one wants to dance in a sweltering backyard and it solves the whole weather issue). I’d also tell my past self to tie the theme in with the entire celebration, and have some entertainment that can be enjoyed no birthday matter what the forecast says. I told myself, oh well, there’s always my 30th! But we all know I just stuck to simple ways of celebrating my birthday because it’s what I prefer nowadays.

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5 Essential Networking Tips for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Part of being in business is interacting with people. There’s simply no way around it. Whether it’s being a manager to a team of employees or selling your goods or services, high-quality interpersonal skills are crucial for success. As an entrepreneur, the need for networking and connecting is even greater, as you are trying to obtain investors and supporters for a completely new concept. Ron Bakir, CEO of HomeCorp, was an entrepreneur at the age of 17 and has much advice to share when it comes to networking. Using his wisdom, here are five essential networking tips.

1. Be Yourself

You don’t need to kiss the Blarney Stone and receive the gift of the gab to be a great networker. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t force the conversation. Instead, work on listening and asking intelligent questions to generate and prolong a discussion. Not only will you come across as being genuine, you will naturally attract like-minded individuals and this could lead to effective collaborations. Ron Bakir soon learnt that not everyone would appreciate his highly driven approach to business but that certainly didn’t stop him from reaching the top.

2. Stop Selling

Although you are hoping to gain an ally in the form of a business contact or referral, this does not mean that you should shamelessly promote yourself. There’s nothing wrong with giving some background about yourself and your business, but leave the sales spiel at home. Other participants in the conversation will quickly tune out and the details will be lost. Concentrate instead on making meaningful connections with people, even if this means leaving all the shop talk at the door.

3. Prepare for Small Talk

While most people hate small talk, it is unfortunately a necessary evil when it comes to networking. If you struggle with generating conversations, take the time to write down a list of topics, questions or even current events that you could discuss. By doing this, you will immediately feel more relaxed and you will avoid any pesky awkward silences. It’s not shameful to be prepared or acknowledge your weaknesses, so be realistic with yourself about your capabilities.

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